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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My favourite run

This is my favourite place to run in Melbourne. Princes Park in Parkville is situated fairly close to where I live and is a 3.2 km loop that i regularly run laps around or incorporate into long runs. It's flat and a good place for budding minimalists/barefooters as the track offers gravel, grass or bitumen surfaces most of the way around.
Yesterday I ran here and there were a few milestones in my minimal journey that occurred on this run. The run was the first time in my transition that I had run on consecutive days; it was 40 minutes after 33 minutes the previous day. Hopefully I can go 3 days in a row today with my planned 30 minute lunch run. I also ran my biggest distance in minimals, 6.82 km, and passed the 100 km milestone. June really has been my end-of-the- beginning month for me. By the end of the day I will have run over 70 km for the month and hopefully I can continue strongly in the ensuing months. My focus now is really building a base and not worry too much about how fast I am going.
Just as an afterthought, it appears that my calves are now adapting and recovering faster. But it does seem that my right calf is just slightly slower than my left in getting stronger. Curious.

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