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Monday, 20 June 2011

Weighty Issues

It is with some apprehension that I enter my first official week of training for my goal 5k race. It's mainly due to the extra soreness I've experienced in my injured knee. It has been fine during runs but since my last run on Sunday (6k), it has been more tender than normal. I am just hoping that I can withstand the pain enough to keep training through to February next year when I can have arthroscopic surgery to repair it. I do need to stress that had it not been for minimalist running, my knee would not have allowed me to run at all. The couple of runs i had in my Brooks Adrenalines after i hurt my knee were extremely painful.
On another note, I have been very slack with my diet of late and need to pick up my game if I want to make any improvement in my running, I need to get lighter. At the beginning of June i weighed 93 kg and when I weigh myself at the beginning of July my hope is that I'm a little lighter due to the extra running I've been doing. If this is not the case, my diet will be a heavy focus in July. I'm guessing being lioghter might also be better for my knee as well. On a positive note my Australian Rules Football team is going great. Go Blues!!

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