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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

One step forward, two steps back part 2

Since my last post there has been some good news and some bad. Firstly, it appears that the old running shoes may have been the cause of my knee pain. The reason I think this is that on Saturday I went for an 8 minute run in my Merrell Trail gloves and it felt great. No pain. Anywhere.
Today started so promisingly. Set off in the VFFs and felt great, but at the 6 minute mark there was a very sharp pain in my outer right calf. It felt like the top of the soleus, so I cut the run short and literally limped all the way home. The fact that I was actually limping and in pain when I walked worried me. I was thinking torn muscle and weeks of rest, but after, voltaren and some rest it feels the best it has since the run. So as I write this my mood is lifting and i'm feeling more positive. I'll see what happens on Thursday.

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