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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I have been quite slack posting on here lately, but it is because I've actually been pretty slack with my running. But I'm back with some renewed enthusiasm which has been brought on by the advent of Spring here in Melbourne and a brand new toy. The Garmin FR 610 was baptised this morning and more on that in a moment.

The reason there hasn't been more running is simply not making the time to do it. Whereas I have been doing alot of my running in my lunch break, I have simply been too busy at work so I haven't found time in the morning or after work. This has to change otherwise I will make no progress at all. August was only half the kms I'd done in July and I had actually gained 1.5 kgs, so September is going to mean some action.
The weather will start to get warmer and it will be lighter earlier in the morning so I will be setting my alarm to wake me and go from there.

Here are details of my run from Garmin Connect:

My right calf still hasn't caught up with my left in terms of recovering after a run, but other than a recurring blood blister under my middle right toe, no injuries.

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