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Thursday, 23 June 2011


It had been over 3 days since my sunday run and the only way I was gonna get a run in yesterday was to go to my gym and run on a treadmill.
What I learnt: 1) Five Fingers running doesn't suit treadmill running because the heat on the treadmill belt still gets through the rubber and creates hotspots on my feet. 2) The evenness of treadmills and the lack of breeze creates a more difficult environment to run. Running simply feels harder on a treadmill now. 3) Because you are in control of the speed and incline, it is actually more difficult for me to run by feel. The thoughts running through my head are "am I running as fast or as slow as i should be? Why does this feel harder/faster than outdoor? Is the treadmill actually calibrated correctly? i.e. am I actually running faster than 10.5 km per hour?".
In the end my run was cut short by 8 minutes because of a twinge in my left calf.

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