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Saturday, 2 July 2011


July has not got off to a good start for me. I weighed in yesterday and discovered that I had gained 500 grams since the beginning of June, even though I managed to run 70 kilometers for the month. A big increase on the previous month. Clearly I am not out-training my atrocious diet. I should point out that I hardly tried to eat well, in fact I used my extra running as an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate. So July will be the month of better eating and hopefully this will result in weight loss.
I think my extra weight is contributing to my latest injury. Just when my calves seemed to muffle their screams at me, I have now been afflicted with some lower back pain which is making it difficult to walk let alone run. So I canned my planned 50 minutes today and will see a physiotherapist early in the week for some treatment. Fingers crossed I won't be out of action for long and don't lose any gains I made in June.

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