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Thursday, 16 June 2011

I decided to change things up today and wear my Merrell Trail Gloves today instead of the Five Fingers.
In keeping with the spirit of mixing it up, I ran a completely different route and at a different time of day than my regular time. It was thirty minutes, 5.13 km and one of my first minimalist runs where i relaxed enough that I didn't think my calves would snap at any moment. It's definitely the strongest I've felt during my transition and also the first week where I have been able to string 3 consecutive runs together with only one day between. Despite the good run today, I still prefer the Vibrams overall due to their superior ground feel.
Feeling good.
This Sunday marks 16 weeks until the 5k race on Melbourne Marathon day. I'm using the Run Coach Pro app for i-phone to generate a program and I would highly recommend this to anyone. Anyway, what this means is that next week (my first official training week), I will have my first attempt at consecutive day runs. I am excited at my current progress. My calves seem to be recovering a lot better after runs now.

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