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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sunday Morning

It seems that during my transition to minimalism I reach certain points of frustration. I'm talking about calves being constantly sore, pace not getting quicker, distances not getting longer, and everything just taking longer to adapt. Over the last couple of months there have been several of these moments and each time I have one I always start to doubt whether I can make the full transition to minimalism. And then I have days like today. After having a couple of rest days nursing a sore calf from my last run, I woke up with no pain and I decided I would head out and see if I could just run for at least as long as 35 minutes (this being my longest in VFF), and maybe get to 40 minutes. I made a conscious decision to not look at my garmin and just concentrate on form and enjoy the beautiful weather. It turns out I had my best minimalist run yet (6.66 km in 40 minutes) and I actually felt like a runner again instead of some experimental runner. Today really made me think that I will be able to this.
My great morning continued and I even taught my daughter how to ride a bike.

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