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Monday, 4 April 2011

My first 'real' barefoot run

I was due to do my second 5 minute run today. My first run the other day was with my Vibram Fivefingers KSO, but today I wanted to go pure barefoot.
I had spent a bit of time reading about Michael Sandler on his website last night and I have to say that I found his personal story pretty inspirational. One of the things he and others advocate is that you should learn to run with no shoes on first to ensure that you learn and use the correct form in minimalist shoes.
So today after doing a set of 15 elevated-heel squats, I took my trail gloves off and started running. I shouldn't be surprised by how good it felt, but I was. I was concentrating on keeping my cadence high and landing on the right areas of my feet. The bonus was that my knee didn't really hurt, but this could be because my calf pain was overshadowing everything else. By the way, this was 'good' calf pain, the type that everyone tells you you'll have when you first transition. Nothing some stretching and massage wont take care of.

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