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Monday, 4 July 2011

Back on the brink

I have mad an appointment to see a physiotherapist today and hopefully sort out my lower back/buttock issue. It is much better than it was on Sunday, but I still feel a painful pulling sensation on the right side when I am striding forward when walking. I'm hoping it's not being caused by any unconscious compensation on my right knee. As it stands, the state of my back will see me taking the whole of this week off and will return gently next week. Deep down I am feeling that I was struck by the TMTS syndrome because in May I had clocked just under 30 km for the month and then I followed that up with nearly 70 km in June. Hmmm what ever happened to the 10 % rule?

P.S. I have just come back from my first visit with this physio and am feeling a lot more optimistic already. I am now in a lot less pain after some massage/manipulation and he seems to think that I would only need one more visit. The upshot is that he thinks it's a slight strain that has caused the muscle to press on a nerve and that running was not the cause. It is a lot more likely that it was the way I am carrying my kids around and straining my back in the process. They are getting a little bit big for carrying around these days.

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