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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Happy Happy Bastille Day

I normally do most of my running during the week in my lunch hour, but yesterday I just had to much to do to take that time during lunch. I decided to bite the bullet and run home after work. The only problem with this was that the distance from work to my home is roughly twice the longest distance I had run as a minimalist. With the mantra of TMTS ringing in my head, I told myself that if I wasn't feeling good by the 6km mark I would simply walk or catch a train as the path I was running was along my train line.
Well, under some beautiful late-afternoon winter sunshine I got home running all the way. According to my Garmin, 10km in 62 minutes and I felt great. The most pleasing thing about the run was that for the first time in a long time I actually forgot about my knee because it felt like there was nothing wrong with it at all. Today, I am feeling surprisingly good considering the length of the run, but I think this is a result of listening to my body during the run and not worry about how far or fast but just keeping myself comfortable. The only thing that could have made my run more enjoyable was if I didn't have a sloshing in my intestines the whole way. I have also got a blood blister under my middle right toe which isn't painful. I'll take today and tomorrow as a rest and attempt a similar length run on Sunday. Happy days.

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