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Sunday, 10 July 2011


After 8 days of no running, I decided that I felt pain-free enough on Saturday for a short, easy run.
I was away for the weekend with the family and was staying in Warnnambool for the annual school holiday kids festival. We were at a place close to the beach and I decided to head out along the main coastal walking path. Here's an example of the views I had on the run:

Within a few minutes, I was feeling great and was purely and simply running. Not looking at my watch, not worrying about my speed, not feeling my calves complain and not wondering if I'll ever be able to be a runner again. Everything felt as easy as it ever was and gave me renewed optimism and a determination to continue on this minimalist path. Me and my Vibrams. By the end, I had run 5.35 km in 32 minutes, my calves weren't sore and I knew that all I had to do from now on was just listen to my body and let it run when it wants to and rest when it wants to.
Today I had a scheduled follow up visit with my physio and my back is now nearly 100 % pain free and I'm assure that running wasn't causing any issues. In the coming days, I will be assessing my lifestyle and making some changes re diet and exercise. Stay tuned.

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