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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pep runs - The Prequel

Just a little history.
I used to be a runner. I ran consistently between 2002 and 2007 and in this time I completed the 2005 Melbourne Marathon, ran 4 half - marathons and a variety of fun runs. I also did a year with the Coburg Harriers in Athletics Victoria which I enjoyed a lot.
Then I just kind of stopped.
I haven't analysed it too much other than I'm sure that I had lost motivation because I really didn't miss running in the subsequent 3 years of inactivity.
Anyway, in October 2010 I was listening to the radio and a story about the upcoming Melbourne Marathon came on and I suddenly got inspired. The fact that I was 16 kilograms heavier at this time than when I had completed the marathon 5 years earlier, was definitely beginning to weigh on my mind as well.
So I started running again. Slowly (not by choice) and steadily (at least this was under my control).
Then in February, after possibly going a bit early with extra speed work, I injured my knee and has since been diagnosed as a medial meniscus tear.
This brings us to now, and it's now been 6 weeks since I have last run in anger. This blog is going to document my running world leading up to my arthroscopic surgery and beyond. What I have been doing in the mean time is trying to transition to barefoot/minimalist running. For now I'm simply spending as much time barefoot as possible and lots of walking and associated exercises. I also have some Vibram Fivefingers and Merrell trail Gloves which I'll rotate when I start running again.
This whole barefoot thing did admittedly start with reading "Born to Run". In combination with my injury imposed inactivity, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to see if I can do something about my bio-mechanics, since I basically have to learn to run again.
I'm just itching to actually try a run when I'm pain free.
Ok time for bed I think.

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