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Monday, 16 May 2011

This morning was the third consecutive 22 minute run in barefoot/minimalist shoes. The program I'm working from is the Merrell Barefoot i-phone app and I now have only 10 more sessions to complete in the program.
This morning I went a little further than the last run (an extra couple of hundred metres), to run 3.4 km for 22 minutes.
The most pleasing thing about this morning's run was the fact that I had no pain in the knee with the meniscal injury. The last two times it would flare up for a few minutes befor calming down as the run progressed.
Maybe it's the improvement in my form, maybe it's me getting back on the glucosamine, but something is definitely working for me.
So it looks a s though my run durations may not be increasing in the next couple of weeks, but if my calves start recovering quicker, I may be increasing the frequency of the runs.
Since Friday I have been able to run a total of ten kilometres and I can't tell you how this has lifted my mood and energy levels. I can see the end result a bit more clearly now.

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